Participate in a research study

Our research cannot happen without the help of our wonderful research volunteers. We recruit adults between the ages of 18-80. For some studies, we will ask you to wear an EEG cap so we can record your brain wave activity while you answer questions about pictures we show you. For other studies, we will measure your brain activity using an MRI machine. Sometimes we might even ask you to sleep in the lab while we measure your brain activity. You often have the choice of which study you’d like to do. Complete the survey below and someone will contact you when we are ready to schedule. You can also email us at or call

Work With Us

We welcome students from multiple disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, biology, engineering, and many others to work with us. Student research assistants have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of research including recruitment, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. Our research assistants are well-prepared for post-secondary graduate and medical school programs as well as industry positions in STEM and in education. Please email Dr. Duarte to apply.